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Authored by Atul Vaid and Pramod Misra, this is a 80-page booklet available from the National Institute
of Construction Management & Research (NICMAR) where it was originally published in the "NICMAR
Journal of Construction Management" Vol.XIX No.1 JAN-MAR 2004.

The study reported in this volume is perhaps the first work of its kind in India and makes significant
contribution to the scarce literature on the marketing practices in the real estate sector in Delhi NCR
(National Capital Region).

The strength of the study lies in its attempt to reach out to leading builders and developers in the area,
administer a questionnaire on their marketing practices and discuss with them how they saw the future
of marketing and 'marketing man' in the industry.

Another merit of the study is that it reports, at one place, all published and available data on the industry
in Delhi area.

The study found that a/though marketing departments exist in many companies, they really do the
selling, not marketing. Further, experience rather than professional training is considered more crucial,
and an engineer who is also professionally trained in marketing is rare and the need is also not felt as
yet. The study also brought out that developers are now taking to modern marketing practices. They are
trying to reach out and influence customers. Advertising, road shows and property marts are the done
thing. Use of website and professional brokers, brand building, tie ups are becoming more acceptable.
The profile of a marketing man in the real estate sector is yet to develop.
(c) Atul Vaid 2005, 2006, 2007